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Anyfile mainframe file transfer for Unix

What is Anyfile?

Anyfile is a file transfer solution which lets you copy data easily between mainframe (AS/400 or OS/390) and Unix systems across an SNA network, or across a TCP/IP network using SNA/IP.

Using simple commands issued from the Unix shell prompt or from within a shell script, you can transfer files between your Unix systems and your AS/400 or OS/390 mainframe systems.

Anyfile also allows your AS/400 to treat data files on remote Unix systems as DDM files. In this way the remote files become an extension of the AS/400's own file system. You can use CL procedures on the AS/400 to copy data to and from your Unix satellite machines, in the same way that you already do for remote AS/400 and System/36 or System/38 files.

Anyfile features

Software prerequisites

Network prerequisites

SNA connectivity (either native or SNA/IP) across SDLC, X.25, Token-Ring, or Ethernet network.


Last updated 05 Jun 1999